Cisco Campaign “Internet de Todo: Los Últimos” on Linkedin


A revolutionary idea with a strong message.

The Brand

Cisco Systems is the world leader in the IT field. It helps companies to learn about tomorrow’s opportunities and how to take advantage of them by showcasing the available capabilities through technology and connectivity.

Established in 1984 by Len Bosack and Sandy Lerner, nowadays Cisco operates worldwide and its main activities are the manufacture, sales, service and consulting of telecommunication devices.


Cisco created the campaign Internet de Todo: Los Últimos. It is a revolutionary idea with a strong message: to bring together people, process, data, and things enhancing network connections and defining the technology of tomorrow.

One of the main goals within this trend is creating connected cities, optimizing time to the limit and avoiding different daily-life problems. It is an interaction of elements that will enable new opportunities and experiences for people and organizations.

Cisco chose LinkedIn as a distinctive channel to raise awareness of this new trend and to position the concept Internet de Todo (Internet of Everything – IoE) and Cisco’s role as a leader IT company. It focused on reaching a target audience unfamiliarized with the brand in a favorable environment to share its message. At the same time, it invited users to learn more about the endless possibilities that the future holds, for which Cisco already offers solutions today.

To impact users, two areas of the IoE trend that affect people’s daily life were chosen, this allowed to demonstrate using concrete situations what this initiative was about and emphasized the brand’s name as a referent in the field.

  1. One ad tackled the issue of traffic: Cisco explained how thanks to the connectivity between the elements that intervene on the road with the car and the city, traffic jams and other problems could be avoided.

  2. Another ad tackled the issue of the queues when shopping: it focused on the connection between costumer, product and shop; and how connectivity would allow the client to pay while selecting the product and therefore avoiding long queues at the cashier.


Cisco ran the campaign on LinkedIn from February to April 2015 using Standard Display Ads.


The creatives conveyed two specific messages: one was about the possibility of avoiding traffic jams; the other on how to end queues at shop’s cashiers.

A click on the ad would prompt users to the Cisco website, more precisely to the IoE trend page, for them to learn more about the subject.

To reach the target audience, a strategic segmentation was placed to include, in the beginning Managers+, and later on Senior Level+ (Seniors, Managers, Directors, VPs, CEOs, Owners).







Users reached

Key to Success


    Leveraging LinkedIn’s tools and applying correct filters the brand was able to reach the intended target audience.


    The format helped boost the brand’s share-of-voice within the platform.


    It is fundamental to have a clear communication strategy. The target audience will not react to content that do not find relevant and appealing to its profile and psychographics.


“For our campaign we chose LinkedIn to raise awareness of our new trend, Internet of Everything, fundamentally because of its capable segmentation tools within a 100% professional environment. We were able to deliver our message to the target audience and to position our company as pioneer in the technology of tomorrow. A relevant message was delivered in a convenient format, impacting users and engaging them to learn more about the possibilities that the connected world of tomorrow, that we are building today, offer.”

Josue HinojosaMarketing Director - Cisco Mexico

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