Digital Ad Certificate

Up-skill yourself and advance your career with Digital Ad Certificate, a free online program made by global experts. Learn strategy and how to create and execute campaigns on the world’s most prominent social media platforms.
Totally free online program
2 learning formats: Live or self-paced
Official certification from Aleph
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Why get certified with Aleph?
Whether you’re building your career or your business, getting certified in digital advertising with Aleph is a great way to get ahead and stay ahead in the industry. Learn digital strategy, measurement and optimization, content creation and how to run successful campaigns on X, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Meta, TikTok and more.
What Will You Learn?
1Module One
How We Will Work
Get all the information you need to be prepared for the program. Learn how to work through the content. If you’re learning live, you’ll get familiar with the dynamic of group activities and the methods used.
Global Context of Digital Advertising
Learn the most important statistics in the digital marketing world, get familiar with audiences, and much more.
Introduction to Digital Marketing
Learn the basics of digital marketing and performance advertising, how to get started, and how campaigns are built.
2Module Two
Digital Marketing Performance
Understand the importance of knowing your target, learn how to create a proper profile, and develop a buyer persona to drive accuracy in your marketing campaigns.
Brand Personality
Understand the significance of having a creative, original, and unique brand image. Learn how to create a concept that makes your brand stand out from the competition.
Landing Pages
Take a deeper look into the technical aspects of developing a solid campaign. Learn the role of websites and landing pages in marketing campaigns.
Social Media Networks
Get an in-depth look at social networks (Twitter, Snapchat, Meta, TikTok, LinkedIn, and Facebook) and how to run a marketing campaign on each platform.
Performance Basics
Learn digital marketing campaign structure and optimization, and how to segment and create the right ads for each audience.
3Module Three
Reports and Professional Skills
Data Analysis
Learn how to collect information about your campaign, get the results you need, and generate a complete report for you to analyze and make strong decisions moving forward.
Professional Development
Get familiar with the role of a media buyer, and look into additional educational options to pursue after finishing this program. Create your profile on LinkedIn.
Choose how you want to learn
Live (Virtual)
Two weekly live classes via Zoom each lasting 2-hours, for a total of 3 months

Meet new people and create an industry network

Strengthen teamwork and live presentation skills

Best experience on desktop; available to
adults over 18 years old
Start the program anytime

Learn independently

Set the pace of your program, on your own time

Ideal for low-speed internet connections, on desktop or mobile. Available to anyone over
16 years old
Characteristics of both
100% online

Total of about 40-90 hours of learning

Learn to run campaigns across many platforms

Need access to desktop or phone and internet connection

100% free
Who this program is for
If you’re interested in learning the fundamentals of digital marketing and paid digital media on platforms like Twitter, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Meta and more - this program was made for you.
You’ll need access to:
- A desktop or mobile phone
- Stable internet connection
- Downloaded Zoom app (version 5.2 or higher) for live format only

- Live format: You must be 18 or older
- Self-paced format: You must be 16 or older.
Registration process
Enroll and confirm your email address, or log in to Digital Ad Expert if you’ve already created an account.
Complete the introductory pre-work in ~1 hour. This foundation prepares you to dive into the Digital Ad Certificate program with confidence. Learn the differences between digital and traditional marketing Get an overview of the various social media platforms covered in the program
Take the assessment and aim for a minimum score of 60% - don’t worry, you can retake the assessment as many times as needed to get a qualifying score and access the program.
Once the assessment is successfully completed, you will have the option to choose your preferred way to learn: Live or self-paced.
The program will be activated in your learning platform. Start now and progress towards your official certification!
Enroll or log in
Complete the pre-work
Take the assessment
Choose your format
Start the program

Important start dates for the Live format only

Group 1
Starts Jul 29th, 2024
Mondays and Wednesdays
Live Sessions
5:00 - 7:00 pm (GMT+1) - Check your country time zone
Class hours

Frequent questions

Is this program really free?

Yes. This program is free from start to finish, with no additional charges in between. This includes 3 months of live sessions or the self-paced learning format, along with the official certificate. The costs are covered by Aleph Group, Inc, a digital marketing company that exclusively represents some of the biggest ad platforms in over 130 countries. We are committed to training and certifying aspiring digital marketers around the world, and helping them get connected in one of the world’s fastest-growing industries.

What is the program format?

The program offers 2 learning formats: Live, via Zoom and self-paced.

How does the live format work?

The live format is 100% online, featuring both live sessions and on-demand content. Classes take place twice per week over the course of 3 months. A coach moderates the class, while students work in virtual groups of 4-6 people through Zoom. We work with an innovative algorithm that maximizes collaboration so everybody in the program gets to know each other. The live sessions follow our collaborative learning methodology and allow people to make networking connections and find support throughout the program. We also offer a platform where students can access on-demand content. Upon completing each module, there are review quizzes with a final assessment that leads to the official certification.

How does the self-paced format work?

The self-paced format is 100% online and on-demand. You have the ability to learn on your own time. We recommend you dedicate 3-4 hours per week to the program to complete the training in a timely manner. You have access to the content through a platform where you can learn at your own pace. After completing each module, there are review quizzes, and at the end there is a final assessment that leads to the official certification.

How do I know which learning format is right for me, live or self-paced?

We know your time is precious. Live learning is a great way to meet people and create a new network of global digital ad professionals, and we will continue to offer it. Still, it’s important that we give our students the flexibility to learn at their own pace and start anytime. If you have the ability to commit to live learning, and you have access to a desktop and internet, the collaboration and community is a wonderful value. If you can’t make live sessions work in your schedule, and you prefer to access the program on your phone, the self-paced format is a great fit for you.

Are there any prerequisites that I need to be admitted?

Students must complete the free introductory pre-work, found on our learning platform, and take the assessment in order to start the program. Take the assessment and aim for a minimum score of 60% - don’t worry, you can retake the assessment as many times as needed to get a qualifying score to access the program.

How many hours is the program?

The program has an estimated duration of 40-90 hours.

What does the program curriculum include?

The curriculum includes the fundamentals needed to understand and manage digital advertising channels and campaigns, like: Global context of digital advertising, Introduction to digital marketing, Audience, Brand personality, Landing pages, Introduction to the main social media platforms, Introduction to performance, Digital advertising on platforms, Data analysis, and Professional development.

What materials will I need for the program?

All you need is a desktop or laptop computer and a reliable internet connection. For live learning, we recommend using a desktop for the best experience.

Who is the program for?

The live learning format is available to anyone over the age of 18; the self-paced format is open to anyone over the age of 16. The program is for people who are interested in learning more about the fundamentals of digital marketing and paid digital media on social media platforms like Twitter, Meta, Snapchat, LinkedIn, and more.

Do I need any prior experience?

You do not need any prior knowledge or experience to complete this program.

In what language is the program taught?

This program is offered in the following languages: Spanish and English. We look forward to providing the program in more languages in the future.

Will I get a certificate from this program?

Yes, you will get a shareable certificate provided by Aleph that you can add to your LinkedIn profile. Aleph represents top tech companies such as Meta, Twitter, Google, Snapchat, Spotify, TikTok and 40+ others, in over 130 countries.

Why is a certification by Aleph valuable?

Aleph Group, Inc is one of the biggest marketing companies in the world of digital advertising. It is known for building connections between digital media leaders and the brands that depend on them, in more than 130 countries across the globe. We help advertisers maximize their investment through a teamwork-based learning methodology. At the end of the program, you will be granted a certification, and your profile will be presented to our marketing database

What will I need to do to complete the program and earn the certification?

For live: Minimum attendance of 75% for in-person sessions (up to 7 absences allowed), completion of all reading checks and integrative activities, with a pass on the final test. For self-paced: completion of all reading checks and integrative activities, with a pass on the final assessment.

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