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Proud member of the Global Education Coalition.

Our digital marketing trainings
aligns with the Global Education
Coalition - Global Skills
Academy objectives, addressing the
need for modern digital skills. The
initiatives empower students and
educators with relevant tools for
success in the evolving digital
What We Do
We provide you with everything you need to develop creative and effective digital communications on all major digital advertising platforms.
About Aleph
Aleph is a team of global digital experts who thrive on helping local markets grow, connecting world-wide audiences to all businesses through the power of digital media.

Aleph Education delivers cutting-edge Education-as-a-Service (EaaS) solutions globally. Integrated within Aleph's expansive network, Digital Ad Expert facilitates digital upskilling through industry-leading educational content, enabling seamless transitions to online opportunities and economic growth.
About Aleph
Digital Ad Certificate
100,000 Students Around the World.
100% Online Learning Program.
Totally Free.
Start Your Career in Digital Advertising.
Exclusive Insights from our Partners
3 months of intensive training
Learn about the ever-changing digital advertising tools, industry trends and best practices on the world’s leading digital platforms.
Md. Shahnewaz Kabir
Digital Ad Certificate Student
“Thank you so much Aleph, our coach and everyone who was involved with this cohort. I am so happy for being able to learn so much throughout this course and achieve this certificate. This was a really unique opportunity to learn things in an unique way. Way to go Aleph. Thank you.”
Ifesinachi Nebechi
Digital Ad Certificate Student
“It was an enriching and enlightening experience, and I am truly grateful for the opportunity to have been part of the program.The course materials provided were well-structured, concise and clear, allowing me to follow along and review the contents at my own pace.”
Jeremiah Danasabe
Digital Ad Certificate Student
“I had the privilege of enrolling in the Digital Ad Certificate course, and it was a transformative experience. The course content was not only comprehensive but also tailored to the ever-evolving landscape of digital advertising.”
Fátima Pérez
Digital Ad Certificate Student
“I would stay studying during the weekend, something I would have never done before.”
Digital Ad Courses
On-demand course content
Learn at your own pace
Become an expert at managing ads on our partner platforms with our badges and exclusive courses
X Audience
X is one of the most valuable platforms for advertisers today. Maximize…
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Spotify – Budgeting
You’ve created your first Ad Studio campaign and targeted your audience. Here’s…
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Spotify – Ad Formats
Spotify is the world’s most popular streaming service, with millions…
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Introduction to Google Ad Campaigns
Learn the differences between the types of Google Ads Campaigns. This way…
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