Context Relevance

The context/ content of sites/ platforms is important because the attention generated by the content is transferred to the ads and improves the response. It is proven that the media with better / premium/ curated content achieve better results both in brand favoritism, trust in the product, and Ad recall.

It has been proven that the platforms that are UGC (User Generated Content), where their content is displayed in-feed, have different modes of consumption and scrolling.

  • Platforms based on images get less attention to ads because their visualization (scrolling) is faster.
  • On another hand, Twitter is based on words, so the reading is slower and, therefore, the attention to ads is better. 

    The most common case of doubtful content is fake news

    They are mainly published on social networks, with high rates of shares and comments that rarely clarify the situation.

    And even more dangerous is that some media publishers share it as true data.

    As we saw previously, this type of news has a negative impact because the brands adjacent to this content can also be perceived as fake.