Brand Suitability

Definition: Any content that is not appropriate or suitable for a particular brand/category.

  • It is not related to violent and harmful content but, in context, it can damage the brand.
  • Content suitability varies by brand.
  • There are certain media/sites that, by brand guidelines, are not suitable. 

There is media that can be suitable, but the content adjacent to the ad can damage the brand.

In a positive way, a brand that combines the content of the site/social network with its own strategy can enhance the message.

But, generally, a negative combination can be very damaging to the brand.


Brand Safety Brand Suitability
  • Binary: what is right or wrong for society. They are categories that are widely agreed as harmful.
  • Quite stable categories.
  • They are always negative for brands.


  • It depends on the brand guidelines. They are not so binary since they can vary and change within the same category.
  • They are not watertight definitions; it’s rather about dynamic content.
  • It can have a positive aspect. A brand can be located within a context that helps and empowers it.