Where to Start

Google Ads is a goal-oriented platform that is focused on promoting products and services by placing ads in Google’s ecosystem of products, as well as on millions of sites and apps through Google’s Search and Display networks. So, first of all, in order to make the most of your budget, you’ll need to set up your Business in Google’s directory, your YouTube Channel and Merchant Center (in case you have an e-commerce), and define the main and complementary goals of your campaign.

Google Ads is composed of several subproducts: Search Ads, Display Ads, Discovery Ads, Video Ads, App Ads, and Shopping Ads.  Not all of them are suitable for all marketing actions, so depending on the advertiser, product and marketing strategy, you’ll choose the appropriate mix of goals, networks, products and creatives to maximize the desired KPIs.

Whether you are looking to increase brand awareness, drive online sales, get people to visit your physical stores, generate leads or app downloads, with the right mix you’ll be able to reach your marketing goals.