Where to Start

Make sure you have set up your Facebook Page correctly for the type of Business, Organization or Person you’ll be promoting. The same goes for your Instagram and, if applicable, your WhatsApp for Business.

Facebook Ads is a goal-oriented platform, so first of all, you’ll need to know what the main objective is and who is the target audience.

While you can choose whether to advertise on just one of the Facebook platform’s services, for best results, it is advised to use all available placements, and let the platform allocate the impressions as it sees fit, to better accomplish your goal. Not all placements will be available for all goals, so it is important to check which ones are available and choose your strategy accordingly.

 You should also familiarize yourself with the platform’s Advertising Policies to make sure your advertiser and its products are not Restricted or Forbidden in the location you’ll be running your ads.