Analyzing Results

While campaign reports will allow for multiple levels of analysis, we also recommend linking Google Analytics and cross-referencing it with Google Ads data to provide a bigger picture of the marketing efforts.

Depending on the campaign types, goals and settings you have executed, you’ll have main and accessory metrics for each one that will contribute to the performance analysis. Some metrics might not be available or should not be analyzed at all levels. Reach, for example, should be analyzed at Campaign and Account levels, not Ad Set or Ad.  So it might be necessary to retrieve several sets of data, at different levels for a complete analysis.

Our recommendation is to group the campaigns by Goal and Type, Awareness, Sales, Search, Display, etc., and create separate reports at Ad set or Ad level with the dimensions and metrics needed for each one for in-depth analysis. Then, an account or campaign level report can be created for combined KPIs and Unique Users/Reach.

If after your analysis you decide to make changes on your campaign settings, keep in mind that changes related to Bids and Budgets will reset the Learning Period and it could take up to a week or more for the campaign to optimize towards the new strategy, depending on the volume of data. If you’re measuring ROAS as a performance indicator, it can take weeks to see the effects of adjustments, especially due to conversion delay.